The year is 2050, and the worlds corporations have grown in to tremendous city states with the ability to own small armies and operate as governments in their own domains. Magic has returned to the world, bringing along with it the return of the mythical races: Elves, Dwarves, Orks, Trolls and countless other creatures, such as Dragons.

Most of North America has been returned to the Native Americans after they demonstrated the tremendous power that can be wielded with Magic. As well technology has advanced to the point that entire computers can now be installed in the brains of individuals, allowing them to traverse the net or steal data from corporate strongholds. Limbs can be created out of metal, or entirely new organs can be grown invetro and used to improve man beyond comprehension.

Many Elves have broken away from the rest of the world and moved into what used to be the state of Oregon, returning to the old ways. Though how anyone can know what the “old ways” are when Elves have only existed for 30 years no one can say. However the terrifying stories that are coming out of the nation are hardly believable. New styles of magic, ways to cast, ways to improve yourself, and even ways to improve technology. But everyone knows that last is impossible…right?

Goth Amar Part 1

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