Vampire Killer

<u>Vampire Killer</u>

The Vampire killer appears to be a standard bull whip about 1.8 meters long, it appears to have some sort of silverish metal interwoven into the leather. It has been handled by the Belmont clan for several centuries handed down from eldest son to eldest son waiting for the day Count Dracula returns to this earth. The Vampire Killer imbues it’s wielder with several special abilities based on the rank that it is attuned to the mage.

In a dramatic battle between the characters,  a dragon, several vampires, and a hoard of ghouls; the players gave the vampire killer to Dracula and watched as he destroyed the powerful artifact. 

Rank 0 – The whip has no reach and does str+d4 fatigue damage

Rank 1 – In addition to the 1 fighting bonus and +1 combat spell bonus, the whip increases in length to 3 meters in length, and deals strd4+1 physical damage, and str+d6+1 damage to any magical creatures. It also has +1 reach.

Rank 2 – The Vampire killer changes into an Orichalcum chain whip with a weight at the end of it. Increase the bonus to fighting, combat spells, and damage to 2. Increase the standard damage to Strd6, and str+d8 to all magical creatures. This weapon now deals str+d10 damage to all creatures infected with HMHVV, and allows the user to detect such creatures within spirit inches.

Rank 3 – The Vampire Killer bursts in to flame when it used to attack, this magic flame can not hurt the wielder, but can hurt his allies. Increase the bonus to fighting, combat spells, and damage to 3. Increase the standard damage to strd8, damage to magical creatures to str+d10, and damage to creatures infected with HMHVV to Str+Spirit+d12. As well any creature hit with the fire has a 25% chance to catch on fire, any creature infected with HMHVV that takes at least one wound and becomes incapacitated from it is instantly destroyed. Increase the range to detect creatures infected with HMHVV to Spiritx10 inches. Additionally, no magical creatures, or creatures infected with HMHVV may heal any damage inflicted from Vampire Killer.


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Vampire Killer

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